Zambian Birds
These are some of the better images I have taken of Zambian birds. They will change gradually as I take more images, or process more that I have already taken. As I get time they also get uploaded in EcoPort ( to ensure they have a scientific and ecological context added.
DSC_5337 13.jpg


DSC_5208 4.jpg

Sacred ibis

DSC_5194 3.jpg

Cattle egret

DSC_5186 2.jpg

Lilac roller

DSC_5230 8.jpg

Wattled starling

DSC_5214 5.jpg

Reid cormorant

DSC_5178 1.jpg

Lizard buzzard

DSC_5217 6.jpg

African jacana

DSC_5223 7.jpg

DSC_5223 7.jpg

DSC_5283 11.jpg

Helmeted guineafowl

DSC_5305 12.jpg

Laughing dove

DSC_5259 9.jpg

DSC_5259 9.jpg

DSC_5264 10.jpg

Red-billed teal

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